Randall Cattle in Art

Nan Parson Rossiter Exhibition at The Silo at Hunt Hill Farm Art Gallery in New Milford, CT, Novenber 4, 2006.  The exhibit featured a painting of a Randall heifer titled "Laverne".  Randall heifer calf "Mandy" was on hand for the exhibit's opening. 
The story...

Fairs and Other Events

Country Fair and Crafts Festival 2006 at Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts, Sept 30 and Oct 1, 2006.  The Registry's officers exhibited Randall calves at the annual event.  More on the event...

Family Farm Festival 2006 at Epworth Center in High Falls, New York, September 10, 2006.  Randalls were promoted at the event sponsored by a local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Read More...

2006 NOFA Summer Conference at Amherst College in MA, August 10-13, 2006.  The Registry and Randall yearling heifers "Mandy, "Doris", and "Astilbe" were there to promote the Randall breed.  There was an "Old-Fashioned Fair and Farmers' and Crafters' Market" held on Saturday, more here,(Conference), and here,(Fair).

Founder's May Fair 2006 was held May 20, 2006 at New Pond Farm in Redding, CT.  The Registry, along with Randall heifers "Mandy" and "Astilbe" were there for the celebration.  More Details...

Battle Road 2006  was a Revolutionary War re-enactment that took place over Patriots' Day Weekend, at Minute Man National Park in Historic Concord, Massachusetts.  Ox team "Lyle" and "Maestro" from Backyard Farm in NH took part on one of the days.  More...

Country Fair and Crafts Festival 2005 
at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA, September 24-25, 2005.  Cynthia Creech along with Phil and Dianne Lang spent the weekend exhibiting Randall calves and promoting the Randall breed.  Story and photos...

The 2005 Bondville Fair, 
held August 26, 27 & 28, 2005, at the
fairgrounds in Winhall, Vermont.  Cynthia Creech and Randall heifer "Daisy" represented the breed and the Registry at this year's fair, which has been held every year since 1797.  More on the event...

The Vermont History Expo, 
June 25-26 2005, Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, Vermont.  Cynthia Creech, Dianne Lang, and Randall heifer "Melissa" traveled to the Randalls' native state of Vermont to represent the breed and the Registry. Read more here...

Farm Day at the Sloane-Stanley Museum
in Kent, Connecticut,
May 14, 2005.  Farm Day was held in support of The Smithsonian's Barn Again! initiative which celebrates America's barns and the farmers who used them.  The Randall Registry was there, exhibiting calves and oxen, and spreading the word about Randalls.  The rest of the story...

Randall Cattle in the Media

South Kent is the Randall Capital of the World:  a newspaper article in the Kent, CT Good Times Dispatch about Cynthia's herd, her rescue of the breed, and Rock Cobble Farm.  Read the article...

Front Page Photo of Randall Ox Team, "Salt" and "Pepper", one of Kerry Smith's two teams.  The photo appeared in the September, 22, 2005 issue of the Monadnock Ledger, a Peterborough, NH newspaper.  The photo can be seen here...

Newspaper Article about Winter Hill Farm: 
Read an article about Jim Stampone and Kate LeRoyer's dairy in Freeport, Maine, here...
Promoting Randall Cattle
        One of the most important responsibilities of the Randall Registry is to promote public awareness of this special cattle breed.  This often means participating in events highlighting the importance of conserving all endangered livestock species and breeds.  Other venues may be those which promote the preservation of the small sustainable farming systems for which these endangered farm animals, like Randall cattle, are well suited. 
        Randall breeders and supporters also play a key role in this work, through the ownership and use of their animals, and their willingness to spread the word about the importance of livestock genetic conservation.  Exhibiting Randalls in public settings, fairs, farm field days, and other events, as well as encouraging media coverage of our collective endeavors with the Randalls, are all parts of the Randall recovery effort.
        This page will keep you abreast of the promotional activities of the Registry and Randall owners and enthusiasts.  We invite you, as Randall breeders and supporters, to send us reports of your own promotional successes to also be included here.
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Andromeda and Easter Bunny
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Kerry Smith with Lyle and Maestro
Kerry Smith with "Lyle" and "Maestro"
A view of the
Tunbridge Fairgrounds
Tunbridge Fairgrounds, The Vermont History Expo
Randall Ox team Salt and Pepper in Greenfield, NH
Randall Ox team "Salt" and "Pepper", on the front page of the Monadnock Ledger (NH)
The garden tool shed and sunflowers at Hancock Shaker Village's Country Fair and Crafts Festival 2005
Andromeda, Hannah, and Easter Bunny
"Andromeda", "Hannah", and "Easter Bunny" at
Sloane-Stanley Museum
The Garden Tool Shed and sunflowers at HSV
Battle Road 2006
"Lyle" and "Maestro" at "Battle Road 2006"
Mandy and Doris on the lawn at Hampshire College
"Mandy" and "Doris" at the 2006 NOFA
Summer Conference
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