Sloane-Stanley Museum
Single ox
The Registry's display at Sloane-Stanley museum
Kerry Smith with Lyle and Maestro
        Randall cattle, and the Registry, were recently on hand for a Farm Day hosted by The Sloane-Stanley Museum  in Kent, CT.  The first time event was held in support of the Smithsonian's Barn Again!  initiative, a travelling exhibition celebrating barns in America, which will make its way around the country this summer.  The Sloane-Stanley Museum exhibits much of the life work of artist and writer Eric Sloane, who until his death lived in neighboring Warren, CT.  The Museum grounds proved to be a wonderful setting for the event.
        On hand were the Future Farmers of America, The CT Farm Bureau, representatives from state and federal agricultural agencies, and students from the Regional High School Agricultural Education Program.  Also exhibiting were authors of farm related children's books, a local artist, a veterinarian, and others.  There was farm machinery on display, and food and refreshments were served.
        Cynthia Creech and Phil and Dianne Lang of the Registry took on the task of representing (of course!) Randall cattle, and set up tables with a display board of pictures and Randall facts, a continuously running slideshow of cattle photos, and business cards and brochures.  Calves were on display from Howland Homestead Farm ("Andromeda and Hannah") and Rock Cobble Farm (Easter Bunny), and they behaved flawlessly.  Kerry and Gail Smith, of Backyard Farm in Hancock, NH, came down with one of their ox teams, Lyle and Maestro.  The team spent the day in their yoke, moving about the grounds while Kerry chatted with interested visitors.  Despite threatened showers, and an actual sprinkle, the day turned out to be warm and pleasant.
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Farm Day:
Sloane-Stanley Museum
Kent, Connecticut

May 14, 2005
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Kerry Smith reaching a meeting
of minds with Lyle and Maestro
The Registry's display at Sloane-Stanley Museum
An historic building
at the Museum
Kerry Smith discussing oxen with a visitor
The Registry's display board
The iron furnace at
Just Visiting
Iron furnace at Sloane-Stanley Museum
Just Visiting
A young ox teamster working with his single ox
The Registry's display board
An historic building at Sloane-Stanley Museum
Kerry and oxen with a Farm Day visitor
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