Kerry Smith and "Doris" with some young visitors.
"Doris" shopping for pumpkins
The trademark round stone barn at Hancock Shaker Village
        For nearly a decade, the last full weekend in September has been the time set aside for the annual Country Fair and Crafts Festival at Hancock Shaker Village (HSV), in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  The event began life as the Village's Rare Breeds Weekend in the early 1990's, under the direction of then Farm and Garden Manager Eric Johnson.  In the mid 1990's it was expanded to its present scope as an old time Country Fair.  For a number of years the rare breeds exhibition part of the Fair was hosted by the Heritage Breeds Conservancy (HBC), which was also calling the 1200 acre Village property its home.  In early 2005 HBC left for a new location, and the rare breeds exhibit was once again the responsibility of HSV, now under its new Farm and Garden Manager, Wanda Halten.

        As had been the case for the previous nine years, Randall cattle, and now the Registry, were on hand for the festivities.  Cynthia Creech and Phil and Dianne Lang made the trip from Connecticut with 3 Randall calves and the Registry's display materials.  For the Langs, it was the 10th consecutive year of exhibiting Randalls at the event.  Acting as able ambassadors for their breed were 3 month old calves "Astilbe", a heifer owned by Cynthia,  "Montgomery" (a steer) and "Doris" (a heifer) owned by the Langs.  Saturday's weather was beautiful, a bright Fall day in New England, but on Sunday things turned colder, and it rained for part of the day.

        As is usual for the Country Fair and Crafts Weekend, the Village was bustling with activity.  Fred DePaul, a sheep shearer and dairy farmer, came from Vermont to demonstrate traditional methods of processing small and large grains on the farm, and long-time Village interpreter Charlie Dutelle spent the weekend talking with visitors about hand powered tools, including an occasional scything demonstration.  There were numerous exhibitors demonstrating traditional crafts and selling their products, including blacksmithing, sign making, broom making, box making, and much more.  There was a Farmers Market tent where local produce and baked goods were sold.

        There was a lot to do for the children, with a hay pile to romp in, a rubber chicken toss, crafts and other things, and the Discovery Room was open to teach about farm and craft related activities of the Shakers.  All during the day three  horse drawn wagons plied the grounds giving rides to all comers.  There was a poultry and livestock exhibition by the Hancock Shaker Village 4-H Club, and a parade of farm animals on both afternoons.  Throughout the weekend there was an ongoing timber-framing workshop, the end result of which was a completed barn frame.  There were sheep in the round barn, with spinning demonstrations and other fiber crafts, and a quilt show on the second floor.
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Country Fair and Crafts Festival 2005
Hancock Shaker Village
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

September 24-25, 2005
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 Picking the perfect pumpkin
Kerry Smith and "Doris" with some young visitors
Dianne with "Doris" and Cynthia with "Montgomery"
"Astilbe" was a hit with visitors, especially the children
The Registry's display in
the cattle tent
(L to R) Dianne with "Doris",
Kerry Smith with "Montgomery",
and Cynthia with "Astilbe"
(L to R) Dianne with "Astilbe, Kerry Smith with "Montgomery", and Cynthia with "Astilbe"
The Registry's display
"Astilbe" draws a crowd
Dianne with "Doris" and Cynthia with "Montgomery" in front of HSV's trademark round stone barn
Some Of The Weekend's Activities...
Village interpreter Charlie Duttel discusses old hand tools with visitors
Fun in the hay pile
Fred DePaul gave grain processing demos
Charlie Dutelle talking to visitors about old hand tools
Children having fun
frolicking in a pile of hay
Fred DePaul demonstrated on-farm grain processing
Giving wagon rides around the grounds
The quilt show in the round barn
One of three horse drawn wagons that gave rides around the Village
There was a quilt show upstairs in the round stone barn
Lining up for the Parade of Farm Animals
Lining up in preparation for the Parade of Farm Animals
Leading the calves in the Parade of Farm Animals
A blacksmith demonstrating his craft
Raising the timber frame
All of the Randall calves took part
in the Parade of Farm Animals
A blacksmith demonstrating
his craft
The timber framers raising
their completed project
There Were Lots of Animals...
The Village's Durham ox team and a young teamster
Some of HSV's free range chickens
Old Spot/Berkshire cross pigs
HSV's Merino sheep
A Soay sheep
The Village's free-range turkeys
A hen turkey pecking a corn shock
One of the Village's ox teams pulling a cart
The back of the Dairy Ell
A Shorthorn calf nursing it's mother
Looking towards the Round Stone Barn
A view of the Village from behind the Round Stone Barn
The Village's Durham ox
team taking a break
Free range chickens
Glouchester Old Spot/Berkshire cross pigs in the Dairy Ell
Some of HSV's Merino
sheep flock
A flock of turkeys were at home mingling with guests and staff
A Soay sheep on display in the Round Stone Barn
A Shorthorn cow and her calf on display in the cattle tent
One of HSV's ox teams pulling a cart near the vegetable garden
A hen turkey gives her full attention to a corn shock
Set Amidst Beautiful Surroundings.
Looking back at the grounds from behind the Round Stone Barn
The view from the Visitor's Center
over the herb and vegetable gardens
Looking at the back
of the Dairy Ell
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