Mandy and Doris leading well
Waiting for the first plop, the buildings of Hampshire College in the background
Doris delivers the winning cow plop
Lining up for a sack race
Some of the vendor's tents in the Farmers' Market
Mandy and Doris walking in the parade
Old-Fashioned Fair and
Farmers' and Crafters' Market

2006 NOFA Conference
August 12, 2006
        One of the highlights of the NOFA Summer Conference is the "Old-Fashioned Fair and Farmers' and Crafters' Market", held this year on Saturday, August 12, from 3-6 PM.  This year's event included a parade, contests and games, live music, a Cow Plop Contest, and much more.  Additional vendors set up for the Fair, selling farm products and crafts.  Randall heifers "Doris" and "Mandy" took part in the festivities, first by being a part of the parade, and later by providing the main ingredient for the Cow Plop Contest.
        The parade kicked off the Fair, and was headed up by "Jack" and "Joe", an ox team from Red Gate Farm in Buckland, Massachusetts.  Doris and Mandy were next in line, led by Conference volunteers, and they remained calm and collected despite being followed, (and sometimes surrounded by), a crowd of enthusiastic young children.  After leaving the parade, Doris and Mandy were led to the site of the Cow Plop Contest, a grid laid out on a section of campus lawn.  The "girls" were left to graze the grass, while their first "deposit" was anxiously awaited.  Tickets had previously been sold to Conference goers who picked a square in the grid with the hope that the "deposit" would land there.  The winner would receive half of the contest's proceeds, shared with the Conference.  Doris took the task seriously, and delivered a winner.
        A popular attraction was the Dale Perkins Horse Show.  Dale's "day job" is as the Farm Steward at Heifer Project International's Overlook Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts.  Dale and his large "Horse Crew" have performed at the Summer Conference for several years.
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Vendors selling their products
at the "Farmers' Market"
"Mandy" rests after her appearance in the parade and Cow Flop Contest
The parade steps off led by "Jack" and "Joe" of Red Gate Farm
There Were Games and Contests...
Digging in to the pie eating contest...with chopsticks!
Children having fun
with a ring toss game
Contestants in a sack race
lining up to start  >>>
Doris and Mandy in the Cow Plop Contest...
"Mandy" and "Doris" are
delivered to "the grid"
Randall heifers on the lawn
at Hampshire College
We have a winner!
...And Dale Perkins' Horse Show.
The horses and their tack
getting ready for the show
Dale opens the show
driving a "chariot"
A demonstration of "Vaulting"
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A tired Mandy snoozes in her pen
Ox team Jack and Joe from Red Gate Farm lead off the parade
Getting the heifers ready for the start of the parade
Everyone falls down before the finish line
The sack race is underway
A race contestant takes a tumble
And they're off!  >>>
The wheels are coming off...  >>>
Race over
The pie eating contest is underway, chopsticks only
Children playing a ring toss game
Doris and Mandy led onto the grid for the Cow Plop Contest
A young woman demonstrating vaulting
Horses and tack for the Dale Perkins Horse Show
Dale Perkins driving the chariot
A demonstration of Roman Riding
Dale Perkins confronts his horse in a mock bullfight
The Drill Team in action
Getting set to start the parade
"Mandy" (back) and "Doris" (front) being led by conference volunteers
Dale Perkins in a mock "bullfight"
"Roman Riding"
The "Drill Team" performed precision maneuvers
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