The Randall Cattle Registry and Breed Association
The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-stock Corporation incorporated in the State of Connecticut in March, 2001, and based in South Kent.  The objective of The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc. is to protect, enhance and certify the purebred status of Randall cattle.  To achieve these objectives, the Registry will:
  • Receive and review applications for registration, issue registration certificates for qualifying animals, and provide for the transfer of ownership of registrations.
  • Keep records of all registrations and transfers as well as any other information related to Randall Cattle.
  • Serve as the official Randall cattle breed association, promoting the breed and facilitating efforts to establish new herds.
  • Encourage breeding and management programs which protect and enhance the genetic integrity of the breed.
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175A Geer Mountain Road, South Kent, CT 06785
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Registry Officers

Cynthia S. Creech, President

        Dianne C. Lang, Secretary

        Philip B. Lang, Vice President and Treasurer
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The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.
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Andromeda and Hannah
A red Randall cow and calf
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