All photos ©Cynthia S. Creech.  Use of these images is by permission only.
Ted 1995
Randall founder female Isadora
Cranberry with her calf Dewberry
Dorie and her 1996 bull calf
Founder Cranberry and her 1992 calf Gertrude
Isadora daughter Collette, 1986 calf
1992 heifer Dorie
Esther, born in 1992
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        This is page two of photos taken by Cynthia Creech of her Randall cattle herd in Jefferson City, TN in the '80's and 90's.  Cynthia bought the original animals that were the basis of the rescue sight unseen from their owner in MA in 1987.
        That owner had purchased them from the Randall farm in 1985 with the stated intention of conserving the breed.  It was learned that the animals were being sent to slaughter, and were suffering from being mistreated.  The mistreatment was so severe that two of the animals died during Cynthia's negotiations to buy the herd.          
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Randall bull Yankee
"Dorie", a heifer from the "Karey" line  (1992)
"Collette" was a 1986 daughter of Founder "Isadora", sired by "Yankee"
Founder female "Cranberry" with her calf "Gertrude".  Gertrude was sired by 
"Bart"  (1992)
"Cranberry", one of the
Founder females, with
her calf "Dewberry" (1993)
"Ted", a 1995 bull from the "Rosie" Founder line
"Dorie" and her 1996 bull calf
"Isadora" is one of Cynthia's original cows and is a Founder animal.  She was born on the Randall farm in 1983
Randall heifer "Jillian" from the
"Isadora" Founder line
"Esther" is a 1992 grand-daughter of Founder female "Rosie".  She was named Esther after being pushed into a water trough
"Yankee" was Cynthia's original herd bull.  "Yankee's Dam" is one of the herd founder animals, whose influence is spread by the use of Yankee.  Yankee was born in 1983 on the Randall farm and was the herd bull when Cynthia rescued the herd.  Semen has been collected from Yankee
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