Tess, 1992 calf of Terrible
Ruth and her calf
Founder female Terrible with new calf, Casper
Isadora son Rollie, born 1993
June's 1992 bull calf, Roger
Melanie and her calf
Madeline and her calf, April
June daughter Melanie, born in 1985
A group of Randall heifers
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Photos of Randall Cattle on Artemis
Farm In the Early Days After the
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        This is page three of Cynthia's photos of her cattle when they lived on Artemis Farm in TN.  When Cynthia's new herd arrived at her farm, the animals were starving, infested with lice and some were near death.  None did die, and the monumental undertaking of bringing an entire cattle breed back from the brink of extinction began in earnest.
        The early going was rough, with an abundance of bull calves and very few heifers, but slowly things started to change.  There are now more than 250 breeding Randalls and a growing number of owners. The Randall story is a true conservation success story.
All photos ©Cynthia S. Creech.  Use of these images is by permission only.
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"Melanie", a "June" daughter, was born in 1985 and made the trailer trip to TN with mom
Randall heifer "Lillie"
"Madeline" and her calf, "April"
"Roger" was a 1992 bull calf out of Founder cow "June"
"Melanie" and calf
"Penny", an "Isadora"
"Rollie", born in 1993, was
an "Isadora" son
A group of young Randall heifers
"Tess" was a daughter of Founder "Terrible", born in 1992
"Ruth" and calf.  Ruth was the first Randall calf born in Jefferson City.  Ruth has been one of the most productive
cows in Cynthia's herd
Founder female "Terrible" with her bull calf "Casper".  Terrible was the lead cow of the herd until the day she died
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