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Isadora daughter Juliette, born in 1989
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        This is page four of Cynthia's photos of her cattle.  The rescue began in 1987 with 15 animals on Artemis Farm.  In  2000, The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC), presented Cynthia with their "Conservationist of the Year" award for having saved the Randalls "at the slaughterhouse door".
        Cynthia continues her efforts, as she has for 19 years, and cares for the oldest, and at over 100 animals the largest herd of fullblood Randall cattle.  The herd is no longer in Tennessee, but is now in the breed's native New England. The cattle continue to grow and thrive with a promising future on small farms.
All photos ©Cynthia S. Creech.  Use of these images is by permission only.
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Sally and Lillie with a bull calf
A Randall heifer calf
Laverne, Jr., and JR
A Randall heifer calf in
Jefferson City
"Sally" and "Lillie"
(right of center), with a bull
calf (left) in 1995
Randall heifer"Laverne, Jr." (standing) and Randall bull "JR" (lying down)
Randall heifers on pasture
Karey, Little Karey and Rosemont
Randall bull JR, 1991 son of founder female Karey
Randall heifers on pasture
1993 heifer Sally
1993 June daughter, Tilde
"Tilde" was a daughter of Founder female "June"  (1993)
"Sally" was born in 1993, and represents the "Rosie"
Founder line
Founder female "Karey" with her calf "Little Karey".  The cat's name is "Rosemont" (1993)
Randall bull "JR" was a son of Founder "Karey" (1991)
"Juliette", born in 1989, was an "Isadora" daughter
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A group of Cynthia's Randalls grazes in New England
Back in their native New England, a small group of Cynthia's
100+ fullblood Randall cattle herd grazes contentedly. 
Cynthia's herd is the oldest and largest Randall cattle herd
The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc., The Official Website of the Rare Randall (Lineback) Cattle Breed.