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Breeder Submitted Photos of Randall Cattle
2005 (2)
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Jim Stampone of  Winter Hill Farm sent these picture of new calf "BJ".
Guest Photos:  Sara Cohen sent us these photos from the Flett Farm
of "Andrea" and her new bull calf, "Abel."
"The Wild One" with "Mae", sired by "Clarence"

"Tassie" with calf "Wilhamena"
Guest Photos:  Cynthia Creech sent these photos of moms with new heifer calves from  Rock Cobble Farm.
"Priscilla" and her new bull
calf on Rock Cobble Farm
"Kerryberry" with new heifer calf  "Mayberry"
on  Howland Homestead Farm

Congratulations to Lisa Wood and Bruce Foster of Weston, Vermont, proud new owners of "Boyd" and "Abe", a 2 month old pair of Randall steers, from  Howland Homestead Farm .
"Abe" (L), and "Boyd" (R) with Lisa Wood.
"Boyd" (L) and "Abe" (R)
Jim Stampone of Winter Hill Farm sent these photos, taken by friends, of his former ox team "Bud" and "Bart" in their new home at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.  He said that they are pastured right at the front gate, where all visitors to the Museum pass by.
Randall oxen "Bud" and "Bart" at Colonial Williamsburg
Randall oxen "Bud" and "Bart" at Colonial Williamsburg
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