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Breeder Submitted Photos of Randall Cattle
2006 (1)
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Joe Valentine of Juniper Hill Farm in New Hampshire took these pictures of Kerry Smith of  Backyard Farm  and his ox team, "Lyle" and "Maestro".
Kevyn Miller with Randall working steers.
Kevyn Miller with Conner Prairie's new team of working steers.
Randall cow "Sunflower".
Randall cow "Sunflower" with her first calf.
Jennifer Callahan of Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas sent these photos of "Sunflower" and her new bull calf, the first Randall born at the zoo.  02/10/06
Kevyn Miller of Conner Prairie Living History Museum in Indiana sent these pictures of himself in period costume with the Museum's new Randall ox team.  02/10/06
"Magnolia", just born.
"Lilac" licking off her just born calf, "Magnolia".
"Bucky" (standing), and "Bruce"
Bruce and Bucky
Kerry Smith with "Bruce" (L), and Brad Miller
of Ploughshare Farm with "Bucky" (R)
Kerry Smith and Brad Miller with Bruce and Bucky
New ox team in training.  Ploughshare Farm in Greenfield, New Hampshire is the new owner of a pair of Randall working steers acquired from Howland Homestead Farm.  03/06/06
Jim Stampone and Kate LeRoyer of Winter Hill Farm in Freeport, Maine, sent these photos of their brand new heifer calf, "Magnolia".
From Howland Homestead Farm:  "Howland Homestead Daisy", last year's breed representative at the Bondville Fair in Winhall, Vermont, had her first calf, a heifer named "Black Eyed Susan".  5/03/06
Black Eyed Susan
Daisy and her new calf Black Eyed Susan
"Howland Homestead Daisy" with her
first calf, "Black Eyed Susan"
"Black Eyed Susan", about 12 hours old. 
She is an "Artemis" great-granddaughter
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