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2006 (2)
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From Howland Homestead Farm:  New heifer calves.  6/02/06
"Howland Homestead Missy" with her
2 day old calf, "Molly"
"Howland Homestead Colleen", about
12 hours old.  Mom is "Doreen"
Doreen with new calf Colleen
Missy with new heifer Molly
Steve Kozak sent these photos of "Jake" and "Josh", a new team of Randall working steers at Philipsburg Manor in New York.  The photos were taken by photographer and volunteer Tom O'Connell.  06/02/06
Jake and Josh at Philipsburg Manor
Jake and Josh at Philipsburg Manor
Kerry Smith from Backyard Farm sent these photos of himself and ox team "Lyle" and "Maestro" at a Revolutionary War re-enactment at Minuteman National Park in Massachusetts in June.  Kerry and his team had participated in a re-enactment there in April, see "Battle Road 2006".  The year is 1781, near the end of the war.  Kerry and the team are transporting materials and other goods (shoes clothing and anything that the continental army might need) to Washington's troops at West Point.
Kerry and the boys on the road
"Lyle" and "Maestro" with Park visitors
The 10th Massachusetts musket drill
Kerry, "Lyle" and "Maestro", and soldiers
Randall calf Nelly
Randall calf Nelly at New Pond Farm
Chris Cassiello, Farm Manager at New Pond Farm in West Redding, CT, sent these photos of their new heifer calf, "Nelly".  Nelly's mom is first calf heifer Howland Homestead Noreen.
Kevyn Miller of Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana sent these
photos of their team of Randall working steers.
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