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Randall heifers "Black Eyed Susan" and "Molly"
Randall steer "Montgomery" getting attention
 Kerry Smith of Backyard Farm in Hancock, NH, sent these pictures of his ox team "Lyle" and "Maestro" at local events.
► Bill and Sherri Battles of Westport, MA sent us these photos of their new Randall herd, recently acquired from Howland Homestead Farm.  Congratulations!  1/20/07
► Two new Randall breeders have recently acquired heifer calves from
Howland Homestead Farm to start their herds.  3/07/07
Joanna Green with Betty
Virginia Taylor with Randall heifer Ariel
Virginia Taylor, from "The Farm at Frost Corner"
in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, is the proud new owner of "Howland Homestead Ariel"
"Howland Homestead Betty" now lives on
Joanna Green's farm in Newfield, New York
► Jenna and Chris from New Pond Farm in West Redding, CT, sent some pictures of their new heifer calf, "November", out of their cow "Noreen" that New Pond acquired from Howland Homestead Farm as a bottle calf.  November is Noreen's second calf, and second heifer!  6/17/07
"November", New Pond Farm's new heifer calf.  November joins "Nelly", Noreen's calf from
last year.  Congratulations!
New Pond Farm's new heifer calf, November.
Noreen and Nelly in the morning mist at New Pond Farm
"Noreen", with her first calf "Nelly",
coming in from the pasture.
Kerry Smith with Randall ox team Lyle and Maestro at the Greenfield, NH Historical Society fair
Kerry Smith with Lyle and Maestro giving wagon rides at Greenfield, NH's 1st. Blueberry Jamboree
Kerry and "The Boys", giving wagon rides at Greenfield, NH's 1st. Blueberry Jamboree
"Maestro", (L) and "Lyle", (R) with Kerry Smith
at the Greenfield, NH Historical Society Fair
 Congratulations to Elizabeth and Bradley Johnson and their daughter Celeste of Naples, NY,  proud new owners
of a pair of Randall steer calves to be trained as oxen.  The team was assembled as a collaborative effort between Cynthia Creech and Howland Homestead Farm.  Cynthia supplied "Jim" (now "Lars") from her cow "Aster",
and the Langs added "Dandy" (now "Anders"), a "Daisy" son.  Both cows are currently being milked at
Howland Homestead.
Anders and Lars in the back of the Johnson's pickup truck ready to go to New York
Celeste Johnson with Dandy (Anders) (L), and Elizabeth Johnson with Jim (Lars) (R)
"Dandy" (Anders) (L), with Celeste Johnson, and "Jim" (Lars) (R), with Elizabeth Johnson
"Dandy/Anders"(L), and "Jim/Lars"(R), in the
back of the Johnson's truck, ready to go to NY
 Below are some photos of two Randall calves in their new home in Ossipee, New Hampshire.  Karen Downing recently purchased the pair from Howland Homestead Farm.  "Marissa" (2 months) and "April" (4 months) made themselves right at home with the sheep, chickens, working steers, and dog, and can visit with Highlands and Holsteins over the fence.  Karen is the Livestock Manager at The Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm located in Tamworth, New Hampshire.
Marissa and April and Holstein steers
Marissa and April meeting some Highland cattle