Randall calf Nadeen and mom Noreen at New Pond Farm
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 Steve Kozak sent some photos of  two year old Randall team "Jake" and "Josh", ox team in residence at Phillipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, New York.  The photos were taken by Museum Associate Rob Yasinsac.  Phillipsburg Manor is one of several sites in the lower Hudson River valley that make up Historic Hudson Valley.
 Jenna Nicol of New Pond Farm in West Redding, CT sent these photos of their Randall cow "Noreen", and her third calf, "Nadeen".  Noreen has had 3 calves, and all have been heifers.  New Pond is milking Noreen in their dairy herd and selling dairy products at their on-farm store.
 Lisa Wood of Holden Hill Farm in Weston, VT sent these photos of their Randall herd.  Lisa and her husband Bruce started with an ox team, "Ed" and "Abe" from Howland Homestead Farm, then added heifers "Beulah" and "Bertha".
Ox team "Ed" and "Abe" in their first parade, Weston, VT's "Old Home Days".
Randall heifer "Beulah" on Holden Hill Farm.
Marissa and April and Holstein steers
Marissa and April meeting some Highland cattle
 The photo to the right was sent by Richard and Amy Bowen of Eastford, Connecticut.  12 year old Jacob Bowen (left) is showing off his well trained Randall working steers "Sam" and "Ev", while his younger brother Caleb (right) poses with "Lewis" and "Clark".  Jacob named Sam and Ev for the Randall breed's creators, Samuel and Everett Randall.  The Bowens recently acquired the steers from  Cynthia Creech.
Randall heifer Ariel with a companion.
Randall heifer Ariel
Randall calf Nadeen watched by mom, Noreen
Randall calf Nadeen at New Pond Farm, West Redding, CT.
 Karen Downing of Ossipee, NH sent the photos below of Virginia Taylor's Randall heifer "Ariel".
 The photo to the right was sent by George Whipple of Pine View Farm in Carmel, New York.  "Whipple's Dorothy's Daughter" recently had a heifer calf, "Miss Tilly Foster", born on Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster, NY, the summer home of George's herd.