A pair of Randall cows on pasture.
Randall cow and calf on Rock Cobble Farm
Photos By Lynn M. Stone
Photos of Randall Cattle Taken By
Natural History Photographer
Lynn Stone
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Randall cows on Rock Cobble Farm
        I first met Lynn Stone in 1996, when he called looking for some Randall cattle to photograph.  He came to Howland Homestead Farm in early fall that year to photograph what few Randalls we had at that time, returning again in following years.  His photos of "Sandy" and "Artemis" appeared on several calendars and in books, including "The Complete Cow" by Sara Rath  and "Cows" by Danyal Payne.
        In the fall of 2005 Lynn visited Rock Cobble Farm in Northwestern Connecticut to take photos of Cynthia Creech's herd.   The images that grace this page are from that trip.    Phil Lang
A lone Randall cow in a field with bright autumn foliage in the background.
A Randall cow.
A Randall cow and her calf
A Randall cow in the morning mist.
Randall bull "Clarence" with a Randall cow behind.
A group of Randall cows and calves posing for the camera.
A Randall cow.
A Randall cow on green grass, with a brilliant background of sunlit fall foliage.
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