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Randall (Lineback) cow and calf.
Randall (Lineback) cow and calf.
Randall (Lineback) cows in New England.
Randall (Lineback) cow.
Randall (Lineback) cow and calf.
Randall (Lineback) cow and calf.
Randall (Lineback) cow and calf.
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Randall (Lineback) heifer,
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Cynthia's Randall Cattle Pages
Cynthia's adventures in conserving the Randall cattle breed.

Article On Randall Cattle In Acres, USA Magazine
"Randall Cattle: Milk Production On Grass"  December 2003.

Howland Homestead Farm
Howland Homestead is home to the second oldest herd of Randall cattle.

Rare Breeds

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC)   A national organization promoting the conservation of rare and endangered breeds of livestock.

Rare Breeds Canada   A national organization (Canada) dedicated to conserving, evaluating, and studying heritage, rare, and minor breeds of Canadian farm animals.

Rare Breeds In Yorkshire (UK)  A rare livestock breeds site building a list of rare and minority breeds links.

Other Livestock Organizations

The American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry   The Registry and Association for the American Lineback cattle breed.

Lineback Dairy Cattle   A MSN Group for Lineback Cattle.  Lineback Cattle types, pictures, links, message board and more.

Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA)  
A resource for organic dairy farmers, organic milk producers and consumers interested in organic dairy farming and products.

Northeast Organic Farmer's Association of New York (NOFA/NY)   NOFA-NY is an organization of consumers, gardeners and farmers creating a sustainable regional food system which is ecologically sound and economically viable.

NOFA/VT   The Vermont chapter of The Northeast Organic Farmer's Association.

Oxen Related Sites and Publications

Rural Heritage   A bimonthly publication focusing on animal draft power and rural life.  The website contains a popular bulletin board for buying and selling ox teams.

Tillers International  Well known for ox workshops, Tillers combines the best of yesterday and today with strategies that can vitalize small farms around the world.

The Association of New England Ox Teamsters, Inc.  An organization promoting oxen and the preservation of New England traditions.
Prairie Ox Drovers   A site about and for oxen enthusiasts in Western Canada.

Midwest Ox Drovers Association     "An organization dedicated to keeping our country's heritage alive and to show how oxen can be used even in this modern world."

BerryBrook Ox Supply   BerryBrook Ox Supply is known to Teamsters throughout the ox industry as having a large supply of quality ox supplies, yokes, and equipment.

International Riding Steer Association 
  A resource for anything related to Steers.  Oxen, Trick ,and Riding steers are all welcome.  Articles, photos, message board, more.

Farm Related Online and Print  Magazines

The Small Farmer's Journal   A quarterly large-format publication in support of animal draft power, family farms, and homesteading.

Small Dairy   The home of Creamline and The Home Dairy news.  Assisting small commercial dairies in finding information about on-farm and artisan processing.

An online magazine promoting Sustainable and Organic farming.

Farming Magazine   A magazine that "celebrates the joys of farming well, and living well on a small, ecologically conscious scale."

Small Farm Today
A magazine and website in support of small, diversified family scale farms and farmers. Traditional and alternative crops, livestock, and sustainable agriculture.

Homesteading, Simple Living, Gardening, and More...   "Rural Living Principles and Practice".  Articles, forum, and more...

Little Country Village
Homesteading, cottage gardening, frugal living, more.  "Just Dream About It - Live The Life of Your Dreams With The Income You Already Have."

Non-Profit Farms, Foundations and Zoos

New Pond Farm   Located in Redding, Connecticut, this education-oriented non- profit farm center has a working dairy, and is home to a Randall heifer that is being raised to take her place in the milking herd.

Buttonwood Park Zoo
Located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the zoo is home to a small herd of Randalls.

Conner Prairie Living History Museum  Located in Fishers, Indiana, Conner Prairie interprets 19th century life in the Midwest, and is home to a team of Randall oxen.

Cow Related Websites

Bovine Bazaar   A comprehensive listing of cattle breeds and breed associations, cow themed gifts and merchandise.

National Cattle Breeders  Top cattle ranches, products, equipment, suppliers, cattle discussion board, hundreds of cattle articles, hall of champions gallery, and more.

Vermont Related

Vermont Only   The website of Mile Square Farm, an actual farm in Vermont and a virtual farm on the web.  Vermont products, news, information, links and more.

This Is Vermont  
This Is Vermont Area Guide - Lodging, Dining, Shopping, Events and Local Lore... Welcome to Vermont!

Virtual Vermonter
   The Virtual Vermonter is one of the premier travel/vacation/culture sites for the state of Vermont.

Connecticut Related

This is Connecticut    Your online guide to the best and most essential websites in Connecticut, including an events calendar, blog, and photos.

Livestock and Farming Services and Supplies

American Livestock Supply, Inc.   American Livestock Supply has been serving the animal health industry since 1971.

Farming Related Directories

CattleHome.Com  Listings of agriculturally related websites for the purpose of providing an Internet source for the flow of information and services for the cattle industry.

Agsites  Agsites is the largest Outdoor World, Agriculture and Weather information directory with over 50,000 agriculturaly related links.

Tumpline/Stackyard   An online clearinghouse for agriculturally related websites.

Internet Farm Index
A database of over 1000 livestock and produce farms that have internet sites.

Livestock   Links to livestock organizations and breeders.

Agri-Find   An online repository of agricultural websites.

Cattle Today   A complete online agricultural resource.  News, classifieds, market reports, forum, and more.

Agriscape   An online agricultural directory.        

COWS:  Cowboy Oriented Web Sites
   A website design site with a large listing of links to cattle and agriculturally related websites.



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