Farm Profile, WitnessTree Farm
WitnessTree Land & Livestock
Gail Cross and Dennis Sahm
Gerald, Missouri
Breeding Herd, Oxen

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Randall (Lineback) cows.
Profiles of Farms and Farmers Supporting Randall Cattle
Little Seed Gardens
Willie Denner and Claudia Kenny
Chatham, New York
Breeding Herd
Farm Profile, Little Seed Gardens
Howland Homestead Farm
Phil and Dianne Lang
South Kent, Connecticut
Breeding Herd
Farm Profile, Winter Hill Farm
Winter Hill Farm
Jim Stampone and Kate LeRoyer
Freeport, Maine
Dairy, Breeding Herd
Farm Profile, The Flett Farm
The Flett Farm
The Flett Family and Sara Cohen
Dorset, Vermont
Breeding Herd, Dairy
Farm Profile, Buttonwood Park Zoo
Buttonwood Park Zoo
Buttonwood Farm
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Breeding Herd
Farm Profile, Backyard Farm
Backyard Farm
Kerry and Gail Smith
Hancock, New Hampshire

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