Willie, Claudia, and Mae
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Farm Profile:
Little Seed Gardens
Willie Denner and Claudia Kenny
Chatham, New York
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"Nellie" greeting her public
The cleanup crew
Little Seed Gardens'
greenhouses in the winter
"Nellie", a Randall heifer.
"Onyx", Nellie's caprine companion
"Nellie", a Randall heifer.
Greenhouses in winter
        Little Seed Gardens in Chatham, Columbia County, New York primarily grows Organic vegetables, but since 2003 has been home to "Nellie," a Randall heifer.  Nellie was joined by a bull, "Bullwinkle", in July 2005, and in the Spring of 2006 Nellie gave birth to a bull calf, "Nelson".  Rounding out the herd is heifer calf "Lana" who like Nellie was born on Howland Homestead Farm.   Willie and Claudia have plans to slowly build a small Randall herd, utilizing the cattle to graze the abundant grass on their bottomland acreage, while adding fertility to the vegetable ground.  They are also enjoying fresh milk and milk products courtesy of Nellie.
        Willie and Claudia own 85 acres, 15 of which are in vegetable production.  Much of the rest of the land is in grass.  Son Otis and daughter Mae round out the family, and additional labor is provided by 3 local women who work on the farm each growing season.  The farm is also home to a goat, some chickens, and cats, and occasionally pigs are raised for use by the family.  The philosophy of the farm is "local production and consumption."
        Cover crops are regularly grown as part of the fertility building strategy, with purchased compost and lime applied where needed.  Willie and Claudia hope that Nellie, Bullwinkle, Lana and Nelson and future Randalls will increasingly be a part of their farm's fertility base.  Little Seed Gardens' produce is sold at Farmer's Markets in Chatham and Troy, New York, and to local restaurants.
Crops nearing harvest
Rows of growing vegetables
"Nellie's" friend "Onyx"
Willie, Claudia, and daughter Mae
Produce on the way to market
Produce ready for the
Farmer's Market
Nellie and Bullwinkle
"Nellie" (L) and "Bullwinkle" (R)
grazing a cover crop
The chickens
A greenhouse full of tomatoes
Working up new ground
Nellie in the tall grass
Digging potatoes
A greenhouse full of tomatoes
The laying flock
Working up a fresh piece of ground
"Nellie" in the tall grass
The farm crew digging potatoes
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