Sara feeding round bales
Miss Muffet and Toby
The Flett Farm
Farm Profile, The Flett Farm
Farm Profile, The Flett Farm
Farm Profiles
Farm Profile:
The Flett Farm 
The Flett Family and Sara Cohen
Dorset, Vermont
        Michael and Michelle Flett bought their 55 acre piece of bottom land adjacent to the Mettowee River in 2002.  The land was the last piece of an old dairy farm.  Most of the rest had already gone to housing development.  The Fletts decided to farm this piece of land, which was overgrown from disuse when they bought it.  They enlisted the help of Scout and Matt Proft, local organic vegetable and poultry farmers, to help revive the land.  An intensive cover cropping rotation began, which continues today while more and more pieces are becoming suitable for vegetable production.  The Fletts have started half an acre of strawberries and raspberries, the Profts put in an equal area of asparagus, along with annual crops for their market garden.  The Profts also moved their 300 laying hen operation down to the Flett Farm.
        In 2004, the Fletts, along with Sara Cohen, then an intern for the Profts, decided to try their hand at raising some cattle.  There was still plenty of land available not being used for vegetables, perfect for some rotationally grazed pasture.  There was also an old dairy barn with 45 stanchions to milk them in, and a large pole barn for winter shelter.  They visited the Randalls at Merck Forest and Farmland Center and looked no farther.  Miss Muffet, Sadie, and Anabelle left Merck and became the beginning of the Flett Farm Randall herd.  Miss Muffet had a healthy, vigorous bull calf, Toby, on August 18, 2004.  Sara is currently milking Miss Muffet.  Stay tuned for adventures in small dairy with Randall Cattle.
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The future dairy herd
The Flett Farm in summer
"Miss Muffet" and "Toby"
Sara moving round bales
Flett farm in autumn
The Flett farm in autumn
Cows on pasture
The cows on pasture
Cows relaxing
Taking a break
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