Fresh milk for sale
Cows waiting for milking time
        New Pond Farm is home to a state licensed dairy. Their small herd of dairy cows includes Jerseys, Guernseys, Holsteins, an Ayrshire and now two Randalls. During the warm months the cows are rotationally grazed throughout the pastures. Their rich milk is pasteurized, providing customers with a steady supply of fresh milk and yogurt.  New Pond Farm's Farm Manager Chris Casiello also makes a variety of delicious and very popular soft and hard cheeses when there is a surplus of milk.  In 2006 Randall cow "Noreen" had her first calf, "Nelly", and now also contributes her milk to the dairy.  Chris, along with a farm assistant and sometimes interns, milk the cows in the barn two at a time, twice daily, in a stall with wooden stantions.
        New Pond Farm has an on-farm store in a building called "The Annex", which also houses the milk processing area.  Customers can come at their convenience to get their dairy products from the store's coolers, with the "honor system" prevailing.  Depending on the season, produce from the farm's vegetable gardens and yarn from their sheep can also be purchased.  New Pond Farm has regular customers for the dairy products and enjoys strong community support.
About The Dairy:
At New Pond Farm
West Redding, Connecticut
Chris Casiello, Farm Manager
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The entrance to "The Annex"
Chris Casiello and a friend
Fresh milk to go!
Waiting for milking time
The milking stall and stantions
The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.
        The Official Website of Randall Cattle
The coolers in the sales area
Milk in the cooler
The milking stall and stantions
Noreen just before calving
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"Noreen", just before calving
The coolers in the sales area
Chris Casiello with a young heifer
The entrance to the Annex
The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc., The Official Website of the Rare Randall (Lineback) Cattle Breed.